Will Trump Be Able to Stop Boltons New Book?

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Will Trump be able to stop Bolton's new book? What if he just publishes it anyway?

Bolton’s betrayal could reveal all kinds of confidential and sensitive diplomatic initiatives prematurely, killing them. He could inadvertently reveal sources by mentioning information that could only come from a few people. He could freeze up the free flow of advice and ideas to the president because advisers don’t want their spitballing, bad, or undeveloped ideas revealed publicly. Because of his sour grapes, Bolton will attempt to scoop and sabotage as many programs as he possibly can to make him some Judas cash. That was why previous administrations saved the “tell-all” books until after the administration so that t would not undercut and sabotage ongoing national security/diplomatic programs. But Bolton is just showing the lack of character that got him fired several times.

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In other words, Bolton will do whatever it takes to be president, including betray and sabotage US programs and programs that were created and funded during the Obama Administration by bipartisan majorities. So, yes, Bolton decision to betray Trump and to publicly reveal information about his past failures to the world will reveal a lot, all of it embarrassing to Trump, especially if it includes leaked secrets about Americans diplomacy with other countries. Because Bolton didnâ€Äôt follow precedent, the leak will prove damaging to the morale of America⬪s diplomats when they face the world⬪, and that⬪s the very same thing the Clintons⬪ did to their diplomats. I⬪m sorry, but if you want to take that job, be prepared to do some bad things as a result. If you think that can be avoided as your foreign policy advisor, you have a different set of priorities. But maybe.

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