White Out In PDF Document Online

White Out Text In PDF Document Online

How to White Out Text In PDF Document Online

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Why is White Out Feature Useful?

It is not so simple to change the text you have written on the paper. It is easier to correct your mistake in the electronic PDF +version with the special function. Thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to not only fill in the form or blank but also white out the incorrect information from it. With the help of this solution, you don`t have to worry about the misprinted data in the template or blank you have already saved. Upload or just open your document in our editor and replace all the problematic parts online.

Easy Steps to White Out Text In PDF Document Online?

You can easily erase phrases and other elements, following such instructions:

  1. Upload the document to the site. The user can do it in a few ways:
    • add the sample from the internal storage of their device;
    • include the URL of the file;
    • find the template on the website;
    • add the sample from the third party services or e-mail.
  2. If it is already in your account, choose the necessary PDF from the list.
  3. The template will be opened in the editor. Find the place you would like to white out.
  4. Select erase option on the top tools panel.
  5. Put the eraser square on the field and drag out it till the end of the field. If something went wrong you can delete the white out correction and try once more. Click on the trash can and the line will be deleted. Click at “ok” if you are pleased with its position. Note, that it is important to fit the tool directly at the place you want to correct. It is important as the instructions to the field can be filled with the white line.
  6. The thickness and color of the line can be changed. To make it wider scroll the left-top corner panel. If you would like to change the color of the eraser, choose one of the variants in the box.
  7. Save the changes in your sample by clicking at the “Done” button.
  8. Finally, the file can be sent to sign or shared with some other user. You may send it by e-mail, USPS, or provide its link.

If you want to disclose the data to the separate people, you may add a password or verification check. It will also bring additional protection during the share on the Internet.

The document can also be printed on paper just in a few minutes.


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