Why Do Most People Not Want to Read Trumps Transcript That theyre?

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Why do most people not want to read Trump's transcript that they're using to impeach him?

President Trump was impeached by congress and then acquitted by the Senate. In this country one is guilty when proved guilty. As adam shiff said himself “ President Trump was acquitted without any evidence”. He was saying that the Senate had no evidence to acquit. But in reality the congress had no evidence for impeach. What Trump done was expose Biden as the thief he is. Heck, he even bragged about it on national TV saying the told them he would not provide the money until the prosecutor investigating his crooked son was fired, and “son of a bit_h 6 hours later he was fired”. Why do the democrats not want to investigate that? Because it would expose a lot of crooked dealings. The hate? Why do you hate Trump? Because someone suggested you do so! What has Trump done? Sextist? Compare him to Clinton, yet the left loves Clinton. Racist? Not hardly! That was an obama campaign strategy. Can the left not see the good Trump has done? Clinton sold us out to China and look where it got us. obama sent billions of unapproved taxpayer cash to Iran that fell into terrorist hands. The left says nothing. So please, what is Trump hated by so many? Why do you hate Trump. Hillary lost, GOD BLESSED AMERICA! Get over it!

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