Why Did President Obama Wait So Long To Show A Birth Certificate?

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Why did President Obama wait so long to show a birth certificate?

No. I presume you’re referring to the Cold Case Posse. The Cold Case Posse was an ongoing publicity stunt/fundraising scam run by Joe Arpaio. It wasn’t carried out by qualified persons, or to any standard for a genuine investigation, and never produced any real evidence, with actual probative value, that Obama’s birth certificate was “fake.” Brian Reilly initiated the petition requesting Arpaio investigate Obama’s birth certificate, got Jerome Corsi involved with the process, and takes credit for getting the Cold Case Posse “investigation” started. Surprise, AZ Tea Party “Project” “This project came about because of an idea that the Lord provided to me.” If you want to get an idea of what kind of people are pushing this birther nonsense, browse through that NC Renegade site. An Open Letter to the Courageous 242 “Dr. Corsi, came to the August 17, 2011 Surprise Tea Party meeting at my request, at my personal expense and after I gave him my written proposal about petitioning Sheriff Arpaio for a criminal investigation into Obama’s long form birth certificate.” Brian Reilly has since disavowed the Cold Case Posse “investigation.” How Arizona became ground zero for 'birthers' A Message from Brian Reilly “It’s my understanding the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office also never assigned a case number to the investigation. This became just one more of Joe Arpaio’s many dog & pony shows and publicity stunts.” An Editorial Response by Brian Reilly to Sharon Rondeau’s Post & eMail article of October 19, 2016 entitled “There Is More Than Meets the Eye with the Arpaio Birth Certificate Investigation” - Obama Conspiracy Theories If you want to get an idea of what kind of people are pushing back against this birther nonsense, browse through that Obama Conspiracy Theories site. Here’s Arpaio responding to criticism from his own staff about how dumb his birther activities were. “You’ll get more money than you know what to do with.” Birther attorney Mario Apuzzo tried to present Cold Case Posse materials as evidence in a New Jersey eligibility challenge, Purpura v. Obama, in 2012. Here’s what Judge Jeff Masin told him about those materials. "We're off the far end here in terms of legal evidence in a legal proceeding, not a press conference, not a political rally, in a legal proceeding." (The discussion of the materials begins about 12.20.)

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Iâ€m not a birther, â™Iâ€ll admit I really doubt Obama was born in this country, â™Iâ€ve never doubted his legitimacy, â™but I Donat think that he was born in this country.Ali just don't.army daughter has a pretty good eye for detail, Itals her thing.Ali canalt look at the documents the way she does.Asiall admit my skepticism whether that certificate is legitimate, so Donat accuse me of 'back peddling' when IASve never done that.â™Thatâ€s the bottom line. A If you want a real investigation into whether Obama eligibility for office of President was ever questioned by anybody involved in a bona fide independent investigation, please do contact a real law enforcement agency in Arizona. “The Armies family had a good run in the '90'...” A Message From the President of the Cold Case Posse in the State of Arizona cold Case Posse, the Cold Case Posse.

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