Why Did Everyone Move out of Detroit?

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Why did everyone move out of Detroit?

Detroit was losing population before the 1967 riots. It’s possible with great leadership that it could have been turned around. Detroit had the best big city school system in the nation. But the riots scared people and what became a trickle turned into a mass exodus. Once all your employees have moved to the suburbs it makes sense to move your office there too. So as a result the office towers emptied out. If you were a janitor, security or part of the cleaning crew you lost your job because it wasn’t convenient or economic to get to your job anymore. Then the city elected Coleman Young in 1972, the man Time magazine blamed for being more responsible for Detroit’s decline than any other individual. Crime zoomed and now Detroit has the worst schools in the nation. But then in 2010 four Detroit billionaires led by Dan Gilbert reinvested in Detroit. Crime was still a problem so Gilbert created his own security force and put cameras up everywhere. A new Tiger stadium was built along with homes for the Red Wings and the Detroit Lions. Finally the Detroit Pistons moved their basketball team in from the suburbs and t share the Red Wings building. Restaurants and nightclubs sprouted. Suddenly the jobs moved downtown and a new generation followed them. Critics said sure the downtown is getting stronger but what about the neighborhoods? Starting in 2016 investments were made in the neighborhoods and t slowly started the turn around. Money was raised and derelict houses were either raised or rebuilt. The city’s decline took sixty years and it won’t be rebuilt fully in a decade or three. COVID-19 hit Detroit harder than most cities but I believe t will regain the momentum.

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In a similar vein, the city will never be able to build enough housing to eliminate homelessness, so it resorts to creating policies that make it impossible to afford and create high-intensity policing that targets low-income areas with broken-windows policing that not only makes people homeless, but also makes them homeless with a broken-windows strategy that has long-term negative repercussions and creates an environment where violence increases. So, when someone says that Cleveland is a good example of gentrification, what they're really saying is that the city is a white city with white residents that doesn't care about them—meaning that if you're Black, you're not welcome. There are the homeless as we have all known. Cleveland has the largest homeless population in the country (1 in 6 people are homeless), as in almost 50% population. And, Cleveland has some of the most high-cost, high-crime cities in the country. Cleveland's.