Why Are Iron Sights Considered Bad And Default in Most Gun Games?

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Why are iron sights considered bad and default in most gun games?

Out of recruit training, I did everything on iron sights. My unit still shot iron sights for about a year or 2. Then we used ACOGs. Focusing on the iron sights for me at the time was easier than the reticles. For some reason, I would have trouble having seeing the reticles clearly after a few seconds. Once I got used to it, it wasn't so bad. Other notes. Non infantrymen ARE NOT riflemen first and their MOS second. If that's the case there would be no MCT. All Marines will got to ITB or for offi...

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In my opinion, the red dot is more stable and easier to aim and shoot when attached. Using a scope of course keeps you in a consistent, high quality viewing position, as well as allows you more options at the range, and reduces optic wear. For a detailed guide on using the SIG Romeo 5 red dot and how the sights work, please view “Red Dot Romeo 5: Accuracy and Performance Guide” on our website. In my opinion, the SIG Romeo 5 is the perfect red dot for those who don't have a primary optic but don't want a scope. With over 200,000 red dot sights to choose from, here are my top five. For most of us, this is it. A red dot sight on a red dot gun can help you see in low light situations that a non-sighted sight can't. For some it can increase range.