What Is Your Success Story of Cracking the Ssc Cgl?

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What is your success story of cracking the SSC CGL?

No. of your attempts does not make much of a difference . Each attempt is a new journey. What matters is the depth of your preparation. So if you have been preparing dedicatedly for CGL you can clear it. I started preparing for CGL from 1 Jan 2016 . Prepared on my own by solving previous year papers and reading the Hindu religiously. On 7th July I joined a prestigious coaching institute with the target of CGL 2017. I kept preparing myself for cgl 16 and also attended coaching classes for 2017. My tier 1 paper was on 27 Aug , 3rd shift. Due to technical issues (server was not saving responses to questions asked in exam), SSC decided to take a retest. In the meantime I had started preparing for tier 2 as I was optimistic about my chances but now I had to refocus on tier 1. I switched gears accordingly. My retest was on 27 Oct , I scored 155.5 and cl eared tier 1. My tier 2 exam was on 30th November . From 12 th November I stopped going to coaching and dedicated myself to self-study. This was a tough period for me. Even though I was doing well in English, I felt I did not have enough time to practice Maths in an exhaustive fashion. Still, I kept motivating myself to maximise my score if not excel . Finally the day came (30th November), I went to the examination Hall with intent knowing very well my weaknesses but my plan was clear to score enough to keep myself in the race. When I came out after giving the Mathematics paper, I was disappointed. Lack of practice haunted me there. I decided to use plan B , take risks. It partially worked. I was able to attempt 92 questions but at a cost . I had to pay in gold for inaccuracy. Still, I managed to score 137.5 marks. Anyways , I had picked myself up before I went back in for English exam . I had Shahi paneer and ate some pomegranate grains. I felt reenergized. I quickly forgot everything about previous paper. Yes, I had made a Ghajani out of myself. But now my mind was ready to handle adeptly the task at hand. Paper started around 2.30 pm. I was as focussed as an eagle is on it's prey. I did well. Though I did make some mistakes but t were too few and far between. When the results came , I had mixed reactions on finding out that I had scored 161.25 . Although it is conceived as a highly respectable score I felt I had fallen short by 15 marks, especially considering my Maths fiasco I was hoping to outperform myself in the english exam. But as luck would have had it, I was going to appear in tier 3 with a score of 454.25 marks. Now the final frontier was written skills. I started writing diary on a daily basis. I also made notes on prominent central government schemes. But I was not really writing mock essays. I felt if I just work on writing without really a having a firm grasp over the topic, I would not get more than 65 marks. I needed 80 + marks to get interview post . So, I took a calculated risk and decided against writing on topics , instead I focussed on building in-depth knowledge on current topics . I started watching debates on Rajya Sabha TV. This helped me clear my concepts and enhanced my world-view . But my secret weapon was diary writing in which I poured my heart out effortlessly. I learnt to think in a rational fashion. After 21 days of this practice not only had I become more proficient in organising my thoughts and ideas but also my power of expression had dramatically improved. Then came the D- day. I was upbeat and raring to have a go like a Sehwag who has given himself the certificate to demolish the will of the bowlers. The first question was on do's and don't's in the case of an eathquake. My intent was to write a very creative answer which is not only interesting to read but that takes a holistic and erudite approach at the problem at hand. Ideas flowed naturally and I succeeded in making a very dramatic and emphatic start to my essay with the proverb ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ The second question asked us to write a personal letter to brother explaining the merits and demerits of computer-based objective type recruitment tests. Here, I started with a mistake of mentioning Recipients address. But I succeeded to portray a good rapport with my brother and smoothly introduced the topic of computer tests. Thereafter I discussed the benefits and drawbacks of aforementioned topic. I am content with my performance and I am exuberant about my new found love for writing. I did have a chink in my armour though. I had exceeded the word limit in both questions, but it was intentional . I wanted to add more weight to my content and power of expression. Now here I am before you writing this piece. I am sanguine about scoring 80+ in tier 3 with a little bit of luck. Nonetheless , i continue to prepare for my target CGL 2017. The goal is to take the bull by the horns and score full marks in Mathematics. P.S- I hope I have established clearly for my readers that SSC CGL can be cleared in one go but it is not a cakewalk, one must be willing to accept thorns to pick the roses. Good luck!

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