What Is Your Experience with Whitehat Jr Being An Online Tutor And?

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What is your experience with whitehat Jr being an online tutor and how much you have earned so far?

Interview happens in online mode. First round is a telephonic round where t want to know who the candidate is and more about the work experience if any. Second round is the technical round where our tech team guides the candidate on how to share our screen and other user interface of the dashboard, for a seamless interview experience. Third round is the online class delivery. This means t as a kid attend a class and ask the candidate to deliver the class. Prior to this round, t share a trial document which is to be prepared. If selected in this round, t immediately inform about the date and time for the fourth round. T email the next trial document that needs to be prepared by the candidate and the fourth round is similar to the third round. Once the fourth round is completed, t share the results whether or not the candidate is selected.

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In the second round, they will have a chance to interact with the engineering manager and team members. If selected, the candidate will join the team and perform the work that the team has already set as a project to deliver. The selected and selected candidate will share the experience on a separate form on how exactly their performance in the technical round was evaluated. The results will be emailed to the candidate along with details of the meeting on how to proceed forward in his/her application. We are looking forward to hearing your insights on this topic.