What Indie Film from the 90s Would You Consider Timeless?

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What indie film from the 90's would you consider timeless, in terms of themes and characters?

The answer to this question is quite brief in my opinion. So I apologize in advance for the lengthy reply. To begin with, both Anime and Bollywood movies have a vast space with different varities, audience and concepts. T can't be compared head-on in a single line. Bollywood just completed it's 100 years, a year ago. The modern day cinema is divided into several category depending upon the preference of audience. The commercial cinema consists of movies for relaxing your mind, a one-timer, and may or may not have strong cinematic standards. The purpose of these are to cater to the needs of majority, in turn damaging the screenplay and actor's potential. There are good one's like the recent flick Bahubali, which was a phenomenal success and others like Sajid Khan's comedy films whose presence is hard to digest. Now a common trend you can see between the two industries in comparison is that the basic outlay of either of them is same. T both are entertainment oriented and don't bother much about the story. T try to progress thr show without any certain planning and have many flaws in storyline. Now let us look upon some cliches. Take the example of mainstream romantic anime, t also have a similar storyline in which the actor meets his love interest by fate. T have a strong reason which brings them together and are not bought together due to mere attraction of either of them. Same is the case with Bollywood movies, where the hero has a certain reason other than mutual attraction to be with his love. T both show how the protagonist tries to protect their loved ones. T also show the characters to be having high moral standards but at the same time committing mistakes because t are humans too. T also represents how a model soceity should be according to them. Now moving on to the other part of Bollywood known as the commercial cinema. This is rather sensible, thought-provoking, and free from stereotypes. These movies are the harvest of the director's freedom and creativity. In these movies the hero doesn't always win or there isn't always a happy ending. We can see the resemblence of it in the most loved animes like Death Note, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, where the show calls for us to think hard about the subject and often leaving us with a heartbreaking and depressive ending. Nonetheless the end is still justified. My advice to the viewers would be too go for the shows which your heart tells to and accept it ad it is. You can't be expecting a great life lesson to be learnt from a Harem anime or a love triangle from an Art movie.

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Therefore, I advise you to go for a movie like The Artist or A Dog's Purpose, just because the film itself is not meant to be a plot vehicle. You may end up being disappointed and thinking that this is a disappointment as well, but you will remember that you are human too, and what it is we have to learn from this.

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