What Do You Find Most Puzzling about White Supremacists?

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What do you find most puzzling about white supremacists?

I was there. On the “front lines” of white supremacy. I was a direct witness of the Great Meme War of 2016. After Tumblr was staunchly defeated, it came down to the two titans. 4chan and Reddit. It was definitely a strange time to be alive. Back in those days, I was a regular browser of /g/ - Technology and /tg/ - Traditional Games boards on 4chan. A lot of cross-posting (read. shitposting) about Trump would leak into the other boards that weren’t /pol/ - Politically Incorrect. Although t were shitposts, I became intensely aware of the power that a bunch of Anonymous imageboard users could muster. T were masters of propaganda on par with alphabet-soup agencies. /pol/ proclaimed itself as “the most diverse white supremacist imageboard on the Internet”. The abilities t wielded were incredible. T would regularly plan massive campaigns on Twitter to forge poll results in their favor, which was also Trump’s favor. Trump even tweeted once about his “internet people” working behind the scenes to make him look good—most assuredly a homage to 4chan. The memes were potent and lined to the brim with propaganda. T called this “meme magic”, which were designed to drag the polls down for the Democrats. Clinton was the antichrist in their eyes. It was really strange. I had to take a reprieve from that board because I saw myself going down the same path that t did. Although I visited purely for research purposes, I was starting to actually believe everything t were saying. T called these twisted revelations the “red pill”. Stare into the abyss long enough, and the abyss stares back. Although it was making me become a worse person, I don’t regret it. I climbed out of the abyss wiser than I ever have been. I’ve learned a lot about how echo-chambers and pseudonymous websites can bring out the worst in people. I’ve learned a lot about how propaganda works, how politics works, and how hateful people work. But most of all, I learned just how powerful a relatively small group of people can become with words alone. This was purely on the Internet side of things. I believe that white supremacists are more reserved outside of the computer for fear of social backlash, but the behavior of the internet and its denizens continue to fascinate me to this day. T literally memed Trump into office only for the sole purpose of inciting chaos in the geopolitical stability of the world. Against all notion of reason, t accomplished their mission flawlessly. Chaos is king today. Also, let me say now that /pol/ does not represent the majority of Trump supporters. A lot of his supporters voted for their own reasons. However, /pol/ was the amalgamation of tenacity, hatred and spite. A pure isotope of chaos. No, I am not a white supremacist. But I can spot one from a mile away.

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It would be a much greater tragedy to be a member of this superior race since it would most likely be your only shot at a fulfilling life. T need to realize that our ancestors knew how to be strong and smart in order to be on par with their white, European counterparts. If we wish to survive and have healthy and functional communities we all need to be smart as fuck! If we continue to deny genetics and just act like a bunch of ignorant brutes there will be no future on Earth as we know it.