What Are Your Thoughts on the Reported Chinese Government Documents?

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What are your thoughts on the reported Chinese government documents that show Uighur's in Xinjiang are being forced to pick cotton by hand through a state-mandated labor transfer and “poverty alleviation” scheme?

In the past, every year during the cotton harvest season in Xinjiang, Han farmers from all over the country went to Xinjiang to pick cotton. This was a lucrative seasonal job. (Many relatives in my hometown have been involved in picking cotton. This job makes more money than when t worked in their hometown.) Because Uyghurs’ work skills are generally lower than Hans, these cotton farms are usually reluctant to hire Uyghurs to pick cotton. Now, the Chinese government has trained Uyghurs in Xinjiang’s re-education camps to improve their work skills and t are qualified for the job of picking cotton. On the other hand, the government issued instructions to these state-owned farms, requiring them to hire Uyghurs in a certain proportion to pick cotton, so that part of the profits that were always obtained by the Han people were allocated to the Uyghurs. Therefore, this is not to force Uyghurs to work, but to provide them with an opportunity to make money. In the last two hundred years, the United States has been the only slavery country.

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The CCP propaganda continues to spread the myth of the “Uighur” “black tribesmen” who “hate Western culture” “kill children” and “hate women”. Uighur “black tribesmen”? In the beginning of the 20th century, when the “Kulaks” controlled the government, Uighur were a majority in Xinjiang. Over time, the “Black Tribesmen” started disappearing due to ethnic cleansing. By the end of the 20th century the Uighur ethnicity was no more. It is unlikely that the Uighur “black tribesmen” ever existed in the first place. The term “Uighur” was a term created by CCP propagandists to slander and demonize the Uighur Uighurs.

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