What Are Some Famous Examples of Psychological Warfare?

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What are some (in) famous examples of psychological warfare?

During the Battle of Guadelajara during the Spanish Civil War the Garibaldi Battalion of the International Brigades, which was mainly made up from leftwing Italian volunteers, faced Mussolini’s fascist Italian Corps of Volunteer Troops. Members of the Garibaldi Battalion, knowing from Italian fascist prisoners t had captured that the supply situation for Mussolini’s troops was very bad and t were starving in their trenches, set up loudspeakers and told the fascist Italians what t were preparing for food. T also let the POWs speak to their former comrades, that t were treated and fed well. As a result many of Mussolini’s troops deserted and joined the leftwing Italians. Another issue was that Mussolini and his generals kept on bragging how tought t were. When the fighting started, t Italian fascists got soundly beaten by both the Italian leftwingers as well as Spanish Republicans, even though t were better equipped than the troops of the Spanish Republic. The Italian Corps of Volunteers became the laughing stock even within the fascist camp. The Spanish fascists sang about their Italian counterparts. Guadalajara no es Abisinia, Los españoles, aunque rojos, son valientes, Menos camiones y más cojones Guadalajara is not Abyssinia, Spaniards, even if Red, are brave, [You need] fewer trucks and more balls

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The Italian left wing brigade had the greatest victories of the war, taking the town of Cuernavaca which in fact contained over 20,000 anti-fascist fighters. The main force was based at the airport. The main goal of the Garibaldians to recapture the airport was not realized since many of the Italian left-wingers had been killed or captured. However, the Garibaldi brigade and Italian forces in the mountains still managed to attack the airport, even though they were outnumbered. The anti-fascists gave some support to the fascist Spanish troops in the mountains and were taken prisoner. The main forces had a battle to the death with a couple of dozen left wing fighters and some Spanish Republican prisoners in the mountains. In the end they lost, despite their superior numbers and weapons, to the Spanish Republican units. At Guadalajara the left wing Italians won the battle for the airport. Another battle.

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