So We All Know the Myth of Medusa?

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So we all know the myth of medusa, but I found out recently that the original myth started with her being born a gorgon. So my question is: when Perseus decapitated her, where did Chrysaor and Pegasus come from if Poseidon r*ping her didn't happen?

Q. Did Medusa get pregnant with Poseidon? Yes, she obviously did. Sexual intercourses between the gods, whether consensual or not, almost always result in offspring, the exception being Hades and Persephone — pomegranade made her barren. When Poseidon raped Medusa (according to some writers in Athena’s temple, according to others in a meadow) she got pregnant with twins Pegasus and Chrysaor. Shortly after her rape and her transformation into a snake-haired monster, Medusa was killed by Perseus at Athena’s behest. She was still pregnant with Poseidon’s children. The rose from their mother’s dead body. In Hesiod’s words. CyanochÊtes [Poseidon] lay with her [Medusa] / in a soft meadow amid spring flowers. / And when Perseus cut off her head, / there sprang forth great Chrysaor and the horse Pegasus. / He is so called because near the springs of Oceanos / he was born; and that other, because he held a golden blade in his lovely hands.

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A wiki posts. Her location is an idea from the same period and probably influenced by the belief of her being a gorgon who has a poisonous snake hair (hair snakes are believed to have the powers of snakes). The Medusa and her brother Gorgon were the first two monsters mentioned in Ancient Greek myth, and the first two monsters depicted in art. They are also the two most frequently depicted monsters in myth. The Medusa's brother, Gorgon, is depicted as part human and part snake. Both Gorgons are said to live on Mount Ida in the Peloponnese. Her origin and personality are also known: Her name means “Beautiful one” in Greek. Furthermore, her name might have originally been “Beautiful gorgon” or, alternatively, it could have been a nickname for Gorgon and her brother with the same etymology. Furthermore, her origin is said to have been the daughter of the Greek.

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