Is It True Mormons Believe An Elder of their Church Is Destined To?

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Is it true Mormons believe an "elder" of their church is destined to become President of the United States?

OK, we are not “Mormons” we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In today’s day and age, we feel it is time to ask, respectfully, that we be called by the name given over 185 years ago. We appreciate your efforts to do so. In answer. It all depends on the intent of a Church’s founder, doesn’t it? Did not Christ say that a House divided against itself cannot stand? A House Divided - God would be an author of confusion if He allows just anyone to officiate in priesthood ordinances after proclaiming that a man must be called of God to do so. But at the same time, anyone who tries to bring people to Christ, however, t understand Him, is doing a service. I suspect God is busily engaged in healing this breach, but God’s timeframe goes well beyond a human lifetime. The biggest problem is that mortality involves evil. We wanted to become like God, so He agrees to create this Earth and allow us to come and exercise free will even when so many will misuse that free will to torment others—its all part of the experience. Christ exists to come to Earth, live a blameless life and obtain the power to forgive us by paying our debts to justice Himself. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that God has agreed to allow evil its day—we are all going to die here and learn, thereby, what it means to live forever. Accordingly, God’s ability to intervene in human affairs is limited. He has to accept our best efforts. He would, I’m sure, love to just appear to everyone in the sky and say “Be excellent to one another!” but that is not how mortality works. We have to exercise faith and prove we are trustworthy so that in the next life we all accept God’s judgment as fair. Everyone has the same ability to listen to that “still small voice” 1 Kings 19 God made the rules—He is not going to break them. There are “churches” that are assemblies of evil people created to do evil. T aren’t apostate in the sense that t broke off of the true Church. T are simply and purely evil and organized by the adversary for the purpose of defeating God’s desires. The devil has run a very successful media campaign to the effect that there is no devil. But he’s there and he’s messing with people gullible enough to buy his empty promises and follow his dangerous counsel to do whatever we feel to do. You can’t just say “all other churches” because the term is used in scripture to mean so much more than what your general person thinks. There are many churches that worship God; to be sure, t may and do define God in a million different ways. However, t do good. T aren’t authorized to extend the necessary ordinances, but t do good. Ultimately t will lead you to be a better person and hopefully you will realize that there is more to be had before the final judgment. But if not, God has created a heaven for these people who were blinded by the craftiness of men. Doctrine and Covenants 76 T will receive of God’s glory, but not his fulness; t will not have the power to create new life. Then, there are churches that can legitimately make the claim that t are “true”. These are churches that were organized at the direction of God Himself and authorized to do their thing. The children of Israel have a claim to this. God has never revoked the authority of the Kohanim to my knowledge. In fact, t retain the authority to preside over a congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, should t choose to do so. See, Doctrine and Covenants 68 And, we are, of course, taught in The Church of Jesus Christ that the Sons of Levi will again make an offering in righteousness. Doctrine and Covenants 13 The Catholics have a claim to truth as t trace their authority back to Peter and Jesus Christ. While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that the unrighteous actions of some bad actors hundreds of years ago prevented the keys of Apostolic authority from being passed onward, the Catholic Church retains the authority of its teachings and its focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. I think that the members of the Church of Jesus Christ are developing a healthy humility regarding their place in the world. God is doing an excellent work purging and exposing the mistakes of a minority of the Catholic clergy and has given them a wonderful leader in Pope Francis. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that there is truth in the Catholic Church and it has and will continue to do great work as commissioned by its founder the Lord Jesus Christ. But, for example, God has some modern moves to play in this war between good and evil. God needed to be all over the internet; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is doing just that. Google “The Lord Jesus Christ” and see what pops up—we are there. Jesus needed to establish that it is His prerogative to speak and introduce scripture; and, towards that end, we have the Book of Mormon | which is now, I think, the second most printed and translated book in history—an effort like that requires some healthy infrastructure. In summary, God needed and needs The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He needed to restore temple work, preserve and gather records of family history, correct errors in doctrine that cause much grief. He needs to marshal resources to do this, needs young people willing to sacrifice years of their youth to spread the word. In short, He needs certain things that He is only getting, right now, out of one Church. God cannot violate the terms of mortality by publicly appearing and pointing His finger at the Church of Jesus Christ—rather, He will support His church quietly and consistently as it comes forth out of obscurity. God will not disown any other Church, He is helping these Churches too. Thus the barb in this question—the OP wishes to encourage discord by making it look like religions are all arguing over priority, when in reality t are not. I suspect that Churches will become much more engaged in joint efforts with other faith traditions—the time has come to do the real work of social change, building Zion and a better world. We are past the internecine doctrinal squabbles, I think we are moving towards a joint effort to build a Zion society. We can all benefit from more humility as there is much yet to be revealed
 The Family. A Proclamation to the World

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And sometimes hated and misunderstood. And have more in common with one another than we would with people outside the Church. For while the Saints in this small, insular kingdom of prophets and apostles have always had to make the hard choices to keep the commandments and follow Jesus, the people in many countries are often so blinded by worldly thinking that they do not see the things that are right in their own eyes. So even when they are following the Lord's example of following Christ boldly in every great effort, sometimes their love for the Lord, or their desire for justice, or even the power or wisdom of leadership do not necessarily mesh with what the world demands in the end. In the end, however, we are a church with great diversity in our belief system, and diversity in our views on how our faith should be.