I Was Reading Pirate Hunter Of The Caribbean By David Cordingly; In?

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I was reading Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean by David Cordingly; in that book, he states that there were more White Christian slaves in North Africa than African slaves in the Americas. Is it true that there were more White Christian Slaves?

This is an interesting question. On one level, t were taught Christianity and wove in their African beliefs. Except their African beliefs were jumbled because t weren’t all from the same group that believed in the same way. So Christianity, one could say, helped them weave together the various threads of their religious heritages. And then the religion mutated over time to become the various black churches found in this hemisphere. An underlying reason is that Christianity ‘explained’ life in a way that helped them cope with the realities of their lives. Christianity promised heaven. It promised redemption in the next life. That enabled slaves to withstand a lot. t equated the amount of suffering in this life with a larger reward in the next. In America, the church developed a conception that the white man was oppressed by the devil, that the white man’s mind was clouded and so he took on the burden of oppressing black people, thus marking their souls. This is a deep conception. you as a slave dont like being a slave, so you know it hurts to be a slave, and if you believe in the next life then you know that those who hurt others in this life are punished in the next. This concept plays out today. The Nation of Islam is mostly notable for shifting labels toward identifying the white man as being the devil, not as being oppressed by the devil. That is why you hear people talking about the lack of melanin. t identify what t see as marks of being literally the devil. You see this in a different way in the recently revived words of John Lewis, which echo Frederick Douglas. Douglas, when dedicating the Emancipation statue criticized Lincoln for not doing more, for having to be led to what he did, and for other imperfections, and then he says that this is what it took because if Lincoln had acted as Douglas wished then t would not have achieved what t did. The point Douglas and Lewis both made is that change isnt this or that act but a vast array of acts that take time to occur. Emancipation took a long time because it took a long time, and many lives, to make it happen. That understanding comes out the black church’s development of the conception that oppression is the operation of the devil, and the devil doesnt give up easily. The cloud of the devil’s oppression doesnt lift all at once and equally across all people. So, Christianity helped black slaves bind together the African religious rituals and beliefs that slavery jumbled together, while giving them a reason to live rooted in promises of a better life hereafter, and an understanding that oppression is the work of the devil on peoples’ minds.

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This concept is not foreign to the black church in America. A few years ago I spoke, at a conference held in the African National Congress, in Harlem, New York. In the conference program at that time was a photograph of King, Martin Luther King Jr, and Malcolm X standing beside black children in a public school in the United States. They were doing an experiment with children to demonstrate t that religion can help children. This was the same school where I had attended as a young boy, as a result of t the segregation policy that kept all black kids out of the public schools. This school was run by a black woman, and t she was a Christian. She believed that Christians would be able to help these children. It was a program to do this experiment with children that was sponsored by the Association For.

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