How Transparent Was the Process of Passing Obamacare?

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How transparent was the process of passing Obamacare? How does it compare to AHCA/BCRA?

If you opposed Obamacare before, do you like the AHCA as passed by the House? If yes, why do you think that it's better? I like parts of the AHCA as passed by the House. I am glad that it is in no way completed, as it still needs work before it’s ready to go. Even Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans acknowledge that. I hope that some Democrats will sign on to the final bill as it would be much better as a bipartisan effort instead of a one party bill, as the ACA was. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be the case. I like the new bill because it provides more options for people getting healthcare and it makes a start at getting the government out of the health insurance business. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of good things in ACA, unfortunately, it was not realistic and had to much baggage to ever be successful. Additionally, the Democrats had 6 years to try to fix it and made no attempt to do so, whether the changes were proposed by Democrats or Republicans. Everybody acknowledged it was flawed. Many people believe it was designed to fail in order to force the country into single payer healthcare. Well, so much for that bad gamble. I hope that the Congress takes time to give us something workable, this time around. I’m tired of them playing politics with my healthcare!

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I think all Americans are capable of thinking very clearly and acting in a very rational manner when faced with a problem. But that is not why Mr Obama has done this. You and only you know exactly what it takes to achieve success in the real world. So what? We won´re all different. What if you want to start an industry. Your state may not allow. You Dona´t want to take part in politics. You Dona?’t want to have a family. Maybe your neighbor doesnâ˙˙t like you in his/her business. The list of non-solutions is endless. Yes, there is only one solution. And it works. Every single. Time.

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