How Does Optical Character Recognition Technology Work?

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How does Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology work?

Hello everyone, I am Jagdeesh and I am an engineer with an IT branch. Although, this question is a bit easy and almost everyone knows the major difference between OCR and OMR but if you are one of those who still don’t know about it you can read this answer and understand it. An OCR technology or software is the one that brings out regularity in character reading. If you scan a paper with distorted characters this technology will help in analyzing the entire sheet and then gives you the results accordingly. On the other hand, an OMR reader is something that cannot understand the characters but the positioning of the marks. You must remember that at any competitive exam or during your school or college there might have been a chance when you got a sheet where you simply had to mark the right bubble as per the answer in the question paper. If the answer was “A” you would have marked the bubble under that and so on. So the technology that reads these marks is OMR. Therefore, I believe you now have understood the major difference between these two technologies. I hope my answer would be useful to you and that you have learned something new today. Although there are several readers that are high tech now, this is the basic difference between these two.

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