How Do I Uncover a White out Text?

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How do I uncover a white out text?

You probably scanned a page of a book or publication and it’s too bright? You can use LEVELS adjustment in any program that supports it (for example XnView) and adjust the levels to make the text black/darker, while keeping the page white. I demonstrate this in my video here.

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White out PDF: All You Need to Know

You can either set your text to 50% and offset the text by 3 pixels (left/right) or use the text tool and offset the text 6 pixels (top/bottom). ‥ You might need to change the size of the gradient for this technique to work. If your text gets too small for the gradient to be visible, then it will still come out great, and your background will still have an extremely black look without having to apply a layer mask. To apply this effect, just adjust the opacity of the gradient to a point somewhere in the middle or at the edge. ‥ It's important to know that there is something wrong with text that is in the center of the text, so unless you have a really nice white and dark background, you are probably best off moving your text to the edge, and changing them to 50%. Here I'm.