How Do I Eat Healthily If I’m Poor?

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How do I eat healthily if I’m poor?

You have some really great replies here. I would like to add my ideas which go well with those expressed. Definitely “Cook your own food” - eggs and legumes for protein - buy them in bulk (dried peas & beans of all sorts. white, red, black, pinto
) lentils are super and best dried also. Avoid, refined flour, sugar and “empty” foods. For calcium, try dark leafy vegetables. including spinach, collards, kale, Swiss chard, lettuces, rhubarb, mustard and turnip greens, and even broccoli - so much cheaper and better for health than cow’s milk or cheeses. For vitamins, fruit is your best bet. If there are markets or farms around, you can probably stock up on overripe fruit and can or freeze what you can’t eat right away.

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Beets are amazing. But if available, make sure to buy organic as they have more anti-oxidants than conventionally grown beet leaves (and beet greens). Don't use any preservatives on any of your produce, including the meats, since many are high in nitrites or benzoates. When cooking, reduce heat as much as possible, especially on hot days, so you can cook the food slowly and allow the juices/smell/taste to do what they are meant to do — convert to juices. Cook your food and soak for at least 1 hour or overnight in a flavorful marinade or a bouquet gain (balsamic and rosemary) or a marinade sauce made with onions and spices. Creamy soups, stews, sauces, marinades, casseroles, etc. are the way to go if you plan to make anything substantial from your food. For sauces, try the following: 1) 1tsp of liquid sweetener (such as vanilla, maple, coconut, etc);.

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