Have You Ever Visited a White Supremacist Website And If So?

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Have you ever visited a White Supremacist website and if so, what was your experience like?

You can tell by their language eg t will say stuff like ‘those blacks who are being killed by the police are drug addicts and alcoholics, t are crazy people ‘ . Such statements show racism. Also, the person wil also say such statements ‘ it is in the genes of black people to be lazy’. Please note that I am telling you stuff I have been told by someone! There is no race that has genes of laziness, alcoholism or drug addiction , so if someone says these things you know t are seriously prejudiced. The person will also have no empathy towards persons of other races eg he or she will blame them of all bad things that happen to them eg blame black people for getting shot by the police, and for being poor. Yet be very sympathetic to fellow white peoples and find excuses for them doing evil things eg when t shoot black people he will say t were being threatened, or the black person was resisting arrest etc. When black people do wrong he will say how stupid t are , yet claim that white people who made similar bad things made mistakes! A supremacist is annoying. Please note that a supremacist can be any color, nationality or race. He or she does not have to be white. All races have supremacists including blacks and Asians . Most of the time when people talk of supremacists t are mainly talking of white supremacists because white supremacists are the most dangerous and well organized supremacists worldwide. A white supremacist believes in the separation of the races. that is, he or she does not believe that the races should live together or intermarry or go to school together . He or she believes the white race is superior in terms of intelligence and development and therefore must be kept pure by not mixing with other races. Please note that this is all wrong because it is not based on science. there is no scientific justification for the superiority of any race. The scientific world has found no evidence to support the theory that white are superior to other people.

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To assume or to think otherwise will result in being a racist and not just a bigot.