during American Slavery?

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During American slavery, who watched the babies/toddlers while the mothers worked in the field?

“How many babies were born to slave women who were fathered by whites during slavery in the American South?” `Among African Americans in the United States, for example, Y-chromosomes are about 33 percent European, he says, though the proportion varies from city to city. But those same African Americans’ mitochondrial DNA, which comes from the female line, is only about 6 percent European. And that, says Reich, “tells you about the history of this country, in which men contributed about three-fourths of the European ancestry that is present in the African-American population data. The data speak to a history in which white male slaveowners exploited women of African descent--a fact that is well documented in the historical record. That there is evidence of this in genetic data should be no surprise.”’ FROM. Who Killed the Men of England?

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Interview, by Margaret B. Johnson, Research Assistant, with Richard B. Tarns, Jr. and Lillian E. Johnson, with the assistance of David P. Burden and Theodore G. Rankle, in Atlanta, Georgia The WPA's Slave Narratives: Interviews in Slave Hides, Georgia. “When I was a child I was called 'boy.' I was told sometimes, 'Little boy' by the overseer. When the mistress came she called me 'boy.' She had little boys come to her place to eat at daybreak. “The mistress sometimes took me in her arms. I was never allowed to get up. She took me in one arm and her dress in the other. She told me I belonged to her and that I went where I pleased. When she put her dress down, I was supposed to jump on her back and take hold of it so that I might not go outside. “My master was very hard to please. He kept.