Does Gmails Wallet Feature Do More Than Paypal?

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Does Gmail's wallet feature do more than PayPal?

Is Google pay better than PayPal? Unfortunately, compared with Google Wallet, PayPal is more expensive if you don't connect it to your bank account. It charges you 2.9 percent each time you send money from a debit or credit card. On top of that, you need to pay the extra 30 cents However, compared with Google Wallet, PayPal has larger transactions. Jul 13, 2016 Google Wallet Vs PayPal – Which One is Better? By Jane Danes on Jul 13, 2016, | [Google Wallet and PayPal are two popular online payment processors. In this digital world, it is easier to transfer money to your family, friends, and customers. Whether it is transferring money to your friend or getting money from your mother, these processors let you easily pay or receive money from anyone no matter where you are in the world. PayPal is known for its best services. It has been around before Google Wallet came to fruition. But that does not mean it is a better choice. In this post, let’s talk about which of these payment processors you should be using to send or receive money to or from your family, friends, and clients. PayPal Google Wallet Vs PayPal – Which One is Better? Founded in 1998, PayPal has been the most preferred payment method for online shopping. With its major redesign, its interface has become incredibly easy to use. You just need to open an account and follow the instructions on how to send money. All in all, it takes a few seconds to send money to anyone. Get your very own PayPal.Me link initiative has been online money transfer a lot easier. You simply need the Get your very own PayPal.I link to the link and click it. From there, you can enter the amount of money you wish to pay for your friend. Unfortunately, compared with Google Wallet, PayPal is more expensive if you don’t connect it to your bank account. It charges you 2.9 percent each time you send money from a debit or credit card. On top of that, you need to pay the extra 30 cents. Then, completing a transaction can take up to five days. It may just be its way of covering its bases. However, compared with Google Wallet, PayPal has larger transactions. It means that you can transfer money of up to $10,000. This payment processor does not directly transfer money to your bank account unless you tell it to do so. If you don’t do anything, your money will just sit in your account. You can use it to pay for online purchases or send it to your bank each time you need it. Google Wallet It is different from Android Pay, although Google makes it. Unlike Android Pay, Google Wallet is designed for sending and receiving the money to and from others. Google Wallet does not entail fees when you use your debit or credit cards, and even bank transfers. Its maximum amount per transaction is $9,999, which is a one-cent difference from PayPal. What makes it interesting is that you can integrate it with other Google services. That is, you can send money from someone by simply pressing the dollar sign in the Gmail toolbar. However, you can have the option to use the actual app to send money. It is also simple to send money as you only need to enter the recipient’s email address. Now, which one should you use? The best answer for it is that it really depends on how you use it for. PayPal is a better choice for an all-in-one service. Then again, if you are an avid Google fan, Google Wallet is a better option. Although each one has its own pros and cons, you can’t go wrong with Google Wallet or PayPal.]

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